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Reason, Social Theory, and Human Experience in Human Rights: A Foundation in Reality

Few topics of debate in the field of Human Rights evoke such a controversy as does the Foundation of Human Rights. How do we determine what should be a “Right”? Is there a foundation, something natural or supernatural that exists outside of us that endows us with inalienable rights? Some would argue that God and Religion—or more broadly speaking “Theology”—endows us with our rights; some scholars argue that the foundations for Human Rights can be found by combining Reason, Social Contract Theory and human experience. But, the necessity for having a foundation is to give Human Rights a mandate in the eyes of a skeptic.

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The Dying Breath of Seperationism: The Rise of Religious Accommodationism and its Implications in the United States

Here we will look at the foundation of First Amendment as well as its jurisprudence—(particularly regarding the Establishment” and “Free Exercise” clauses), a brief history of how the jurisprudence has been applied shifting from separationist to accommodationist, and the implications of this paradigmatic shift on public and private spheres.   

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